Saturday, May 17, 2008

7 Tips How to Grow Strong Nails

1. Don't Bite.

2. Polish your nails with a nail hardener clear polish. Always keep your nails polished. If you prefer to wear color, put a coat of clear on first, then use color. If possible, put a top coat of clear on after the color dries. I'm in the process of getting a Kisse Girl polish line but until that comes out, I like to use Sally Hansen hard as nail polish.

3. Don't pill your polish off. Use nail polish remover.

4. Massage your cuticles with lotion once a day. This is the most important tip because massaging your cuticles stimulates nail growth. This really does work.

5. Don't get acrylic nails because they file away the enamel on your nails which makes them thin and weak.

6.Don't use your nails as tools to open or pry stuff like soda cans. Doing so will cause breakage.

7. Be patient and you will have pretty strong nails soon!

*These are things that I do to keep my nails healthy and looking good. I can't guarantee that this will work for you, but it's worth the try!

For inspiration during your process go to to see some beautiful nails. All of the nails shown aren't real, but they are fun to look at.

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